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Some students prefer to study and do homework alone. Others prefer to study and work on class assignments with a group of fellow students. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.



I prefer former opinion. There are two main reasons, I will write down on the following paragraph.


Before the first reason, I define the meaning of the homework. Homework includes a lot of meaning, it depends those who contributes homework, this meaning would be different. I am a teacher though, If I give some homework, I will give my students homework as a “review of today’s contents” Therefore, the students who received my homework can do on their own, so my first reason is to let them do review today’s contents. They don’t need to do it someone. For example, If I give my students mathematics question, they would be able to do it as they are referring the notebook written that they wrote the content of blackboard. Perhaps, they may confuse on their way, they should ask their mother the content.


Secondly, They compare their doing around them and influence speed of finishing. This depends on ages, around primary school student to secondary students cannot concentrate to do it with someone. I have ever experienced this time. I had had 20 students in Tanzania and I had worked in Tanzania though, I had given homework everyday for them. Temporary, I let them do homework in a school by making a group for one week. (one group 5 students) Because I wanted to check how they act in a group. A group includes upper students to lower students. I gave the same assignment which is middle level, The upper students let it finish quickly, they moved their own study. Lower students felt that they are slower than those who finished and they compare their achievement. Eventually, they put on their pencil on the desk and tell me such as “Teacher, I will do it tomorrow.”  Their motivation was down. Study is just tools of our life and we teacher have to tell our sense of value through study. We must not decrease student’s motivation absolutely.


Therefore, I prefer that students have to do their homework on their own. Education has a lot of meanings but my final opinion is “Study is just tools and they don’t need to decrease their motivation through studying”. That’s all.